In my experiments to build nix derivations of racket packages, I'm now 
trying to build racket-doc and all its dependencies in one big bunch, kind 
of what the full racket build does. I'm getting this:

> interface-essentials.scrbl: could not find "Modern" style

That's in pkgs/drracket/scribblings/drracket/interface-essentials.scrbl .

Where does it expect to find this style, and any ideas on why it doesn't?

I have racket-minimal built in one place, and I have racket-doc and all its 
dependencies in one place, referring to racket-minimal directories via the 
various attributes in config.rktd. Whatever package Modern is defined in 
should be in our primary installation path together with racket-doc, 
racket-index, drracket and all the others except racket-minimal.

I haven't run raco setup for racket-index (for reasons -- basically I 
haven't got it to build in the split-up configuration and I'm using the 
same build code here), could that be causing this?


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