This is a continuation of the previous 
the title of this one is more appropriate to the problem.

On my Windows 10 machine all packages are downloaded and the files are 
timestamped +1h or +2h into the future (in 
 "...\Roaming\Racket\6.12\pkgs"). This makes it impossible to compile newly 
downloaded packages. As a current hack I run individually "raco setup" 
after few hours have passed on new package and its downloaded dependencies.

Here are some tests and observations
* The problem doesn't appear outside of raco pkg (ie: git clone uses 
correct dates, writing files from racket - also correct)
* cache file for downloaded content is correctly timestamped
* package folders are correctly timestamped
* files inside of those folders have timestamp +1h or sometimes +2h into 
the future
* "racket -l- net/git-checkout --git me/my-repo e:\test1" 
downloads the files with correct timestamp

Feedback and help from anyone knowing a bit more on inner working of raco 
pkg is welcome.


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