My company, Biomantica, is working on an SBIR grant application and we would 
like to be able to include statements from people who would be willing to do 
Racket contract work for us contingent on our getting the grant.  What we 
really need is just to show that we have people we can call on who have 
expertise we will need.  This is done with a form which the NIH calls a 
"bioisketch."  It's like a resume or CV but shorter (just a few paragraphs) and 
the really important part is a paragraph explaining what skills you have to 
contribute to this specific project.  

To be clear, this is not near-term.  The grant comes in two phases, and it will 
be December before we know if we're getting Phase 1.  Unfortunately the grant 
deadline is now a week away, so sorry for the short notice, but who is 
interested and what skills (below) can you provide?

Please note that we won't know if we're getting the grant until the end of the 
year, so sending us your biosketch does not commit you to anything and you will 
have plenty of time to make arrangements when the time comes. 

Note that we will also want to hire full time Racket programmers as regular 
employees if we get Phase II of the grant.  People who send us biosketches now 
will be at the head of the line then.

The initial product is something which behaves like Dropbox but is actually a 
P2P network so you can get accelerated data transfer and your file space is 
only limited by the storage (hard drives) you contribute to the network.  We 
will then add features for data analytics, real-time conferencing, and 
distributed computation.

Things involved in our product, and therefore things we will be hiring for:

FFI from Racket to various C libraries which might include PJSIP, libnice,  and 
libsodium, for example.

PKI with both a CA and WoT which reinforce each other for TLS, digital signing 
of files, and authentication of users that are part of a collaborative group to 
us and to each other.

NAT traversal, including PCP, NAT-PMP, uPnP, STUN, TURN, and ICE.

Various optimizations of data transfer using TCP/IP, UDP, UDT, and uTP, IPv4, 
and IPv6. 

Optimizations of data transfer based on predictions of its likely destinations 
from relationships in the WoT and network performance metrics.

cryptocurrency, especially the Etherium Virtual Machine.

Fountain codes.

GUI work, especially for managing collaborative groups of people, sort of 
social networking style, but actually supporting our WoT.

Protocol buffers and database work to exchange metadata with other systems such 
as the Galaxy open source bioinformatics platform.

Although I have the CISSP credential, we could still use more depth in 
information security.

Did I mention information security?

If you actually understand what we're talking about (above), you're probably 
someone we can use.  :)


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