I think you are trying to solve the wrong problem. If people want to use a 
command-line tool they should know how to use the command line first. They 
don't have to know every arcane feature of the Bourne Shell, but knowing to 
escape spaces or quote strings is the bare minimum. Think about it like 
this: if you are trying to give someone directions you already assume they 
know how to drive a car, right? If you want to write a book on Racket, then 
focus on Racket. And if they cannot use the command-line they can still use 
the GUI tools.

On Thursday, March 29, 2018 at 9:51:07 PM UTC+2, Stephen Smith wrote:
> Authoring a new Racket book (targeting all platforms and non-programmers) 
> and having to tell users to quote paths with spaces to be able to use the 
> command-line tools seems distracting and an unnecessary complexity to 
> impose on them.

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