Hey all,

I'm very interested in using Racket for the purposes of numerical analysis. 
Specifically, I am interested in using Racket as my test bed for 
implementing simple numerical algorithms which operate on IEEE 754 single 
precision floats and compare those results against a ground truth, ideally, 
the exact result. Racket appears to have great support for double precision 
floats, but I haven't found any functions that correspond to single 
precision floats.

Some questions:

   1. Should I be implementing my own versions of the flonum arithmetic 
   functions that operate on single precision floats? (See these 
   2. What about other support functions that require knowledge of the bit 
   patterns of the floats? 

I would *love* to use Racket for this task and ideally, I need to have 
access to all the functions on the pages linked above but for single 
precision floats (half precision floats would also be nice!).

Have I missed something obvious?

-Dale Kim

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