Racket's also flexible enough that you can say "to hell with void, I want 
function chaining" if you decide it's more appropriate:

(require fancy-app) ;; now (+ _ 1) means (lambda (v) (+ v 1))
(require point-free) ;; now (~> x f g h) means (h (g (f x)))

;; makes voidful procedures return their argument
(define ((action! proc) v)
  (proc v)

;; like ~>, but turns all procedures into actions first
(define (act~> v . procs)
  (apply ~> v (map action! procs)))

;; voila!
(act~> (make-vector 5)
       (vector-fill! _ 'blank)
       (vector-set! _ 2 'grapefruit)
       (vector-set! _ 0 'watermelon)
       (vector-map! symbol->string _)
       (vector-sort! _ string<?)
       (vector-map! string-titlecase _))

;; output is '#("Blank" "Blank" "Blank" "Grapefruit" "Watermelon")

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