Thanks for the crash report! It doesn't immediately point to the
problem, but it's good starting point. I'll ask you for more debugging
help off-list, and we can report back here afterwards.

At Sat, 21 Apr 2018 05:11:10 -0500, Philip McGrath wrote:
> In a particular module, I can consistently trigger a segfault by opening
> DrRacket's graphical debugger, setting a breakpoint, and evaluating an
> expression at the REPL. I am using Racket 6.12 on Mac OS 10.13.2: I have
> not (yet) tried to reproduce this on other platforms.
> Unfortunately I don't have anything approaching a minimal example: the file
> that's triggering the issue is part of a large library.
> I've attached the crash report in case that is illuminating. I'm happy to
> help try to find the problem to the extent I can.
> -Philip

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