Could you give the catalog a URL from a link-shortening service, to get metrics?

I strongly recommend not using a link-shortening service for this, because:

1. It's bad security.  Racket packages already have a security weakness, and a link-shortening service introduces another point of weakness.

2. It's bad stability.  Some link-shortening service goes away, or loses your link, or changes its terms, or something, and your link is broken, and the information has been lost.

3. It obscures the target URL, which often gives useful information (beyond an opaque locator key), to the human looking at it.

4. You're giving surveillance data about other people to this other company, this surveillance data is typically aggregated with other data, and it sets a bad example for the kids (who already grew up with virtually every Web site secretly selling out their visitors' privacy to surveillance profilers, and we need to tell them that's a bad idea).

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