Hello everyone,

I try to save the traces generated by Redex to an image. However, the
arrows between the expressions don't show up in the result.

I tried some combinations of #:x-spacing, #:edge-labels? and #:layout
to let the arrows showed up in trace, but the edges remain hidden when
I ran trace/ps. Any clue about this?

code: https://gist.github.com/shhyou/55ab7e060488e8181acc5d50c8eeca4c




#lang racket

(require redex/reduction-semantics

(define-language L)

(define R
   #:domain integer
   (--> 5 0 "zero!")))

(traces R 5 #:x-spacing 400)
(traces/ps R 5 "trace-ps-image.ps" #:x-spacing 400)

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