Ah great to hear that!
At work I deal a lot with the Jupyter ecosystem and I think it has an 
interesting future. It is good for Racket to be available there. I 
personally have not used it so much for diagrams and visual things, but 
maybe some day it will have some similar integration as Jupyter has with 
the Python ecosystem and its libraries. Or maybe there will be another 
language build with Racket for that purpose.

On Monday, April 30, 2018 at 9:28:41 PM UTC+2, Graham Dean wrote:
> I’ve been looking to use Racket in a Jupyter notebook and I came across 
> Ryan Culpepper’s iracket (https://github.com/rmculpepper/iracket). 
> Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with the latest Jupyter system due to a new 
> client message (comm_info_request) that isn’t handled. 
> I’ve made some very simply changes that get iracket working again in 
> Jupyter and just in case it’s useful for anyone else it can be found at 
> https://github.com/digsci/iracket. 
> I should really make a pull request (or at least an issue report to the 
> original I guess. 
> Graham 

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