Hi all!

I read all the documentation and relevant threads (I promise) I could on 
the topic but I'm still stuck.

Basically, I'm writing an application that I'd like to be able to read an 
"config" file that's valid racket code and can override globals set in the 
driver racket module.
Here's a minimal example...

#lang racket/load
(require racket/runtime-path)
(define *CHANGED-STRING* "old")

(define-namespace-anchor a)
(define ns (namespace-anchor->namespace a))

  inc-path (string->path "FULLPATH/include.rkt"))

(define (load-rc)
  (parameterize ([current-namespace ns])
    (load inc-path)))


(printf "~A~%" *CHANGED-STRING*)


(set! *CHANGED-STRING* "new")

`$ racket ./test.rkt`
Works perfectly but the executable made from
`$ raco exe test.rkt`
Fails with:
resolved-module-path-name: contract violation
  expected: resolved-module-path?
  given: #f

I tried another way using *another* module that is `require`d by the driver 
but still no dice.

Any ideas of what's going on? Thank you so much for the help

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