I'm having trouble understanding quasisyntax/loc in some cases.

If I have the following example code:

#lang racket

(define here #'here)
(define stx0 (syntax/loc here #'Y))
(define y #'Y)
(define stx1 (quasisyntax/loc here #,y))

(displayln (format "here : line ~a" (syntax-line here)))
(displayln (format "stx0 : line ~a" (syntax-line stx0)))
(displayln (format "stx1 : line ~a" (syntax-line stx1)))

It prints :
here : line 3
stx0 : line 3
stx1 : line 5

I expect stx1 to also be at line 3 where `here` is defined. Is this example
an incorrect use of quasisyntax/loc? What am I missing?


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