Thank you for contributing.  A few suggestions:

* You probably want to put your unit tests, and the `(require rackunit)`, inside `(module+ test ...)` forms.  That makes it better as a library or program, and also is what Racket expects for testing.

* You can make this a full-fledged Racket package, with an `info.rkt` and Scribble documentation, and listing it on "".  See:

* You can make your program automatically add&update the `provide` form in user's files, and perhaps `progedit` is helpful for that:

* There seem to be two schools of thought on where `provide` belongs: (1) one big form near the top/bottom of the file or module, like an interface summary; and (2) locating the `provided`-ness information of a symbol at the definition site, such as through a `provide` form right next to the `define` form, or with syntax that combines `provide` and `define`.  So, while you're using a tool you developed for #1, remember that #2 is something you might also want to try sometime.

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