On Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at 7:25:34 AM UTC+8, gneuner2 wrote:
Ignoring Racket's extraneous added panels, a better organization would be:
> Window 00010010 "" #32769 (Desktop)
>     :
>     Window 0017076E "Hello World" PLTFrame
>         Window 000F03D2 "Dialog 1" #32770 (Dialog)
>             Window 00320BCC "Dialog 2" #32770 (Dialog)
>                 Window 003A052E "Close Dialog 2" PLTBUTTON
>             Window 0057098A "Open Dialog 2..." PLTBUTTON
>             Window 001807D4 "Close Dialog 1" PLTBUTTON
>         Window 003704DA "Open Dialog 1..." PLTBUTTON
>     :
> but it would work even if the dialogs were just siblings under the top 
> level frame [assuming their creation Z-order was correct]. 

I think the current window hierarchy is correct: I compared a similar setup 
in Visual Studio, where I opened two nested dialog boxes and inspected them 
with Spy++.  The dialog boxes are toplevel windows, same as for the Racket 
sample application I had.  The "OwnerWindow"of the dialogs is setup to 
point to the owner of the dialog boxes(i.e. the owner of Dialog 2 is Dialog 
1 and the owner of Dialog 1 is the main frame).  

As far as I can tell the window hierarchy for the main frame + two dialog 
boxes is the same in Racket as it is for Visual Studio...

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