Hi Christopher,

2018-05-11 15:31 GMT+02:00 Christopher Lemmer Webber <cweb...@dustycloud.org

> In comparison to Syndicate, Goblins is less a new language and more a
> lightweight library for actors that interfaces nicely with "#lang
> racket" type code
> ​..

For me personally Goblin would be the better choice I think.​

> ​
> whereas Syndicate is its own language and I would also
> say a bit more ambitious than Goblins is.

​That would be a bridge too far for me, but still very interesting.
However, I'll try to read more about it.​

However I would describe Goblins as pre-alpha... there are not even docs
> yet.  However I do have plans to use it very seriously.

​Nice :-)​

In fact, I will be writing a federated social network using it.  If you
> are familiar with MediaGoblin, I am working on MediaGoblin's successor,
> "Spritely", which will be written in Racket.  This will be an
> ActivityPub based social network system (ActivityPub is a distributed
> social network system which is also based on the actor model, btw).
> This means it will be compatible with Mastodon, etc.


> Also, fwiw, Tony Garnock-Jones and I are talking... I think Goblins and
> Syndicate have a lot to learn from each other, as do their authors.
> Tony and I just had a very fruitful voice call this week, talking about
> object serialization for message passing and other such things using
> canonical s-expressions. :)
> PS: Tony's dissertation is great, and if you're interested in actors
> stuff, I recommend reading it.  Well, I'm only about 1/5 of the way
> through, but what I've read so far is good. ;)

​That is great. Too many times research is not shared​ (often not knowing
about each other's work).
So, great to see that there is some common ground and cross fertilization!


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