At 2018-05-17T11:11:26-04:00, Greg Hendershott wrote:

> One gotcha, which I remember confusing myself with, early on:
>     (define 'foo "foo")
>     '1 ;"foo"
>     '2 ;"foo"
> Huh? That's because 'foo is reader shorthand for (quote foo). So the
> above is actually:
>     (define (quote foo)
>       "foo")
>     (quote 1)
>     (quote 2)

Yes, that'd be certainly confusing if one types (define 'foo "foo")
instead of (define foo "foo") by mistake.

Thanks for all the interesting information.


PS: Just migrated to racket-mode from geiser, so will ask here if I have
any queries there.  Thanks for the mode too!

N. Raghavendra <>,
Harish-Chandra Research Institute,

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