I like using GitHub for this (IIUC Bitbucket or GitLab would work equally well).

The Racket package catalog tracks a branch, say `master`.  After you
push a commit to `master`, the rkt pkg cat will notice automatically.
It scans at intervals. (If you're impatient, sign in and choose
"Refresh my packages".  After which there is still some delay, but
IIRC < 1 hour.)

Having people submit Issues against the repo works well, I think, for
both authors and users of a package. For example in your recent fixes
to html-parsing, other people could see the report, any discussion,
and better appreciate the change.

Also, you can use magic phrases in your commit message, like "Closes
#123". GitHub will automatically close the issue. Also it creates
cross-links between issues and commits, which can be handy.

I think all of GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab let you have unlimited
public repos on the free plan. Last I checked, each also allows at
least some number of private repos.

I can't speak to migrating version histories. I know that for some
Racket packages it's considered unnecessary to make official version
numbers and release notes. The public commit and/or issue history on
GitHub or whatever, is considered adequate.

I'm typing this kind of in a rush so apologies if there are any errors
or it's unclear. Hopefully others will chime in. The TL;DR is I
_think_ you'll find GitHub et al to be <= friction than your status

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