On 22/05/2018 15:42, Christopher Lemmer Webber wrote:

Unfortunately when I try to install packages with "raco pkg install"
I get errors like the following:

I filed a bug report about this problem a while ago:



  I traced this back as far as I could by looking at the Racket compiler
  source code. Compilation generates a temporary file in the same
  directory where the result is supposed to go. If no errors occur, the
  temporary file is then renamed to become the output. The partial stack
  traces point to locations in the code that do a recursive traversal of
  a library in order to compile everything. Unfortunately, the part that
  decides where the output goes is not referenced in the stack trace.

I seem to remember a couple of packages failing altogether, though in
the present moment I think the result is bad performance due to not
being properly compiled, but I'm not really sure.

In my tests, all packages ended up working, but performance is indeed worse than with a Racket installation outside of Guix.

It would be nice if someone with more knowledge of Racket internals could give a hint or two for debugging this issue!


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