On Sun, Aug 5, 2018 at 3:40 PM Matthias Felleisen
<matth...@felleisen.org> wrote:
> I“d write it like this:
> (struct tree (val left right) #:transparent)
> ;; Tree = '() | (tree X Tree Tree)
> (define (printer t0)
>   (local (;; from-t0 : the path from t0 to t
>           (define (printer/acc t from-t0)
>             (cond
>               [(empty? t)
>                (map display (reverse (cons " end" from-t0)))
>                (newline)]
>               [else
>                (define from-t (list* " --> " (tree-val t) from-t0))
>                (printer/acc (tree-left t) from-t)
>                (unless (empty? (tree-right t))
>                  (printer/acc (tree-right t) from-t))])))
>     (printer/acc t0 '())))
> (printer tree1)

I took a while to understand this.  It's brilliant.  (Thanks for
taking the time --- no matter how little that might've been for you.)
FWIW, to understand it, I had to use the substitution method on paper.
  Here's my final version --- using string-join.  Thanks again!

(require racket/local)
(require racket/string)

(define (print-tree-elegant t0)
  (local ((define (format-all-items ls)
            (map (lambda (item) (format "~a" item)) ls))
          (define (printer/acc t path-from-t0-to-t)
              [(empty? t)
                 (reverse (format-all-items path-from-t0-to-t)) " --> "))]
               (define from-t (cons (tree-root t) path-from-t0-to-t))
               (printer/acc (tree-left t) from-t)
               (unless (empty? (tree-right t))
                 (printer/acc (tree-right t) from-t))])))
    (printer/acc t0 '())))

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