Want to work on "libre" privacy-respecting applications in Racket, but would rather work on servers, than on handheld/desktop apps, right now?

It would be good to have a home/family (or small business?) "cloud" server that one can run at home, and customize in Racket.

Perhaps in the spirit of "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nextcloud";, but providing different services, which do exactly what you want, and in Racket rather than PHP.

This could run on a Raspberry Pi, a PC, or some other computers that run Linux.

Some service ideas:
* Family file/photo sharing.
* Movie and music streaming to living room.
* Computer backups.
* Wiki for various family topics or small business.
* Calendars.
* Browser bookmarks syncing.
* Email server.
* IRC server.
* Addressbook syncing.
* Private GPS locator server for family member with special needs.
* Home security camera motion-detect and streaming.
* IoT home automation (that's less crazy than off-the-shelf).
* Scratch KVM/Xen instance sandboxes.
* Build server.
* GPU compute server.
* Git server (maybe use off-the-shelf for Git, but running it on same hardware as your Racket other services).

These services could mostly be developed independently.  And they don't all have to be in Racket, especially not initially.

Another way to look at it is setting up a computer on your home network as an ordinary Linux server, and deciding you want to implement (or reimplement) some service in Racket.  Then, once more than one such service is implemented, you can also look at making it more of a polished appliance, with a unified management interface in Racket.  (But even if you set up a home Linux server, and then just use non-Racket Linux programs, that's still a win.)

Even if you're entirely new to Linux and/or servers, I and others would be happy to answer questions.  And if you're new, that's all the more reason to start playing with it. :)

If you're totally new to this, and want to start playing right now... you could just install minimal Debian GNU/Linux Stable on an old PC/laptop or Raspberry Pi you have sitting around, with an SSH server running, SSH in from your laptop/desktop to a command prompt, do "wget https://mirror.racket-lang.org/installers/7.0/racket-7.0-src-builtpkgs.tgz";, and go from there. :)

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