At Wed, 19 Sep 2018 13:12:58 -0500, Philip McGrath wrote:
> I've renamed a Scribble file documenting a package, and now I'm getting
> warnings from `raco setup` of the form: "WARNING: duplicate tag:" [some tag
> from this document] "in: <unknown> in:" [the document I just renamed]. Is
> there a cache somewhere that I need to delete? I've already tried using the
> `--doc-index` flag for `raco setup`.

Are you running `raco setup` with no flags or specifying a collection?

If you're specifying a collection, then adding the `--tidy` flag may
help. But I'm on the wrong track if you're running `raco setup` with no
arguments, because `--tidy` is effectively the default in that case.

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