This is not a bug report; I can investigate further if this is not already a 
known issue.

I’ve found in the last few days that network problems can halt OS X DrRacket 
much more completely than I believe they used to. To give a specific example, 
if I run a program that tries to communicate using a remote db connection or an 
ssh connection on a tcp connection that’s defunct, DrRacket becomes 
unresponsive. I can still pull down menus, but those menu selections have no 
effect, and clicks/keypresses (including cmd-K, natch)  in the DrRacket window 
do nothing, though I can see the GC icon flickering. Top shows it using 0% of 
CPU, but about 2G in size. 

The force quit window does not indicate that DrRacket is unresponsive. A force 
quit works, and leaves this tiny crumb of information on the command line:

 terminate break

[1]  + exit 1     drracket

I think this is reproducible, but I don’t want to file a bug report if this 
isn’t a bug…


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