It seems that clickbacks are not working when a snip is displayed in 
DrRacket interaction window.

Here is a sample program:
#lang racket/gui

(define (show-dialog)
  (define f (new dialog% [label "Dialog"] [style '(close-button)]))
  (define m (new message% [label "Clicked"] [parent f]))
  (send f show #t))

(define f (new frame% [label "Test"] [width 300] [height 200]))
(define e (new text%))
(define c (new editor-canvas% [parent f] [editor e]))
(send f show #t)

(define t (new text%))
(send t insert "Click Me!")
(send t set-clickback
      0 (send t last-position)
      (lambda (t s e)
(define s (new editor-snip% [editor t]))

(send e insert s)

If you click on the Click Me text you will get the dialog displayed.
If I enter 's' (without the quotes) in DrRacket interaction window, I can 
see my snip displayed but clicking on it does nothing.

I looked at DrRacket code but did not find anything that makes me think it 
should not work except, maybe, for the fact that the snip is sent using the 
text:send-snip-to-port function which serializes the snip to the proper 
event space using text:make-snip-special.

Could someone enlighten me on why it is not working as I expect and how I 
could make this works ?

Thanks for your help

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