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Olá, sou iniciante no racket. Gostaria de capturar o valor *insert-id* que retorna em um uma struct chama simple-result <https://docs.racket-lang.org/db/query-api.html#%28def._%28%28lib._db%2Fbase..rkt%29._simple-result%29%29> da query <https://docs.racket-lang.org/db/query-api.html#%28def._%28%28lib._db%2Fbase..rkt%29._query%29%29> que executo. O retorno é o seguinte:

|(simple-result '((insert-id . 30) (affected-rows . 1))) |

Gostaria de obter o valor *30* por exemplo.
Código da execução da query:

|(define save_pergunta (lambda (tf_pergunta) (define result_save_pergunta (query conn "INSERT INTO perguntas VALUES (null, $pergunta)" tf_pergunta)) (print result_save_pergunta) (printf "\nPergunta Cadastrada!\n")))|

*simple-result* is a struct - you need to extract what you want from the association list in the info field.

The function to extract a field from a struct is [usually] the concatenation of the field name with the struct name: so the *info* field in *simple-result* would be  (*simple-result-info* <the-struct>).

You find an entry in an association list with *assoc* [or *assv* or *assq* depending on the type of the key].  The entry itself is a cons pair, so you need to extract the 2nd value in a pair with *cdr*.

So to get the identifier you need to do something like the following:

  (require db)
  (let (
        (result (query conn "insert into questions values (null,$question)" tf_question))
    (cdr (assoc 'insert-id (simple-result-info result))))

Note the above is not checking for errors.  You should always check that the result really is a simple-result before trying to extract the info because query can return other kinds of results (including no results ... query can throw an exception if it fails).

Hope this helps,

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