I just read “Language Oriented Programming in Racket: A Cultural
Anthropology” on my flight home from Racketcon.  I enjoyed reading it,
and recommend it.

One point I noticed was that the most common response to the question
of “What is difficult about LOP?” seemed to be phasing.  I propose a
mode in DrRacket (maybe with infrastructure that can be shared by
other editors...) that shows different phases in different colors.
Eg. all code in phase 0 is yellow, phase 1 is green, phase 2 is blue,
phase -1 is orange, phase -2 is red, and you see the color change
under define-syntax, syntax, unsyntax, begin-for-syntax, etc.  Since
we already have binding arrows and know what phase they're bound at,
coloring the identifiers probably shouldn't be too hard.  Of course,
I'm not volunteering to make it, just asserting that it seems like it
would be nice.  ;)

Thanks, everyone, for a fun Racketcon!

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