I am playing around with the built-in webserver functionality with
`servlet/serve' and am wondering if there is a way to automatically
"reload" the servlet, for lack of better terminology, when I am playing
in the REPL. In other words, if I do something like this in the REPL:

(define (about-page req)
   '(html (body (h1 "about")))))

(define-values (dispatch handler->url)
   [("about") about-page]))

 #:port 8088
 #:listen-ip #f
 #:servlet-path "/"
 #:servlet-regexp #px".*"

...and then redefine `about-page' like this:

(define (about-page req)
   '(html (body (h1 "something else")))))

...I would like to refresh my browser on the `/about' page and see
"something else" instead of "about".

Is there some way to achieve this?

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