Little necrobump here, I did find exercism recently in my efforts of 
getting up to speed on racket, in addition to the racket-koans 
<> collection on github, which 
is great!  The idea of having real people give you feedback on the code is 
awesome.  That said, with the racket track there are only 2 mentors and 
this impacts the pace at which you can proceed, a simple little exercise 
may sit for a couple weeks before someone takes a look.  Looks like they 
need some more racket mentors over there ; ).

Even with the slow pace I still recommend it to anyone wanting to take a 
look at learning a new language, having real people give you feedback is 
great compared to just a unit test passing.

On Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 5:06:14 PM UTC-4, Floyd Arguello wrote:
> Hi all -
> I'm adding Racket to
> Basically, Exercism is an app where users submit solutions to problems, 
> and receive feedback for said solutions. Exercism currently supports 26 
> languages, with a minimum of 10 exercises for each language. Most, if not 
> all, languages provide more than 10 problem sets.
> For Racket, I've set it so that each exercise provides a stub file along 
> with the required test file. There's also an example file, which isn't 
> provided to the user. The example files are viewable through the public 
> repo, however.
> I want to make sure that Racket is properly represented in Exercism - I 
> don't want users to see poor code in the examples and test files.
> With that in mind, I'm asking anyone willing to please fork the repo and 
> submit improvements to the existing exercises: 
> You're also welcome to contribute new exercises; here's the list of 
> exercise ideas: Feel free to add 
> unlisted exercises, as well.
> Also on the lookout for "nitpickers" to provide feedback for user 
> submissions, and track implementors to help mentor the language track: 
> Cheers,
> Floyd

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