Hey all,

Thanks again for the workshop, Jesse!

After setting up the room I went ahead and escalated use of chats to Jay
for next year.
We should be able to get something relatively more complete by then.

The transcript is only really necessary if you specifically need the text
file, and it's near
the bottom of the chat. It may be hard to see since Gitter just displays
the uploaded file as
a vanilla link.

On Thu, Oct 4, 2018 at 2:42 PM Jesse Alama <je...@lisp.sh> wrote:

> On 4 Oct 2018, at 15:10, Cam wrote:
> > Was this workshop video-recorded? Can we expect to see it on the
> > `racketlang' YouTube channel?
> I believe the workshops weren't recorded.
> One of the workshop attendees had the great idea of using gitter.im to
> facilitate live discussion, as well as make a transcript available
> afterwards (though you may find the written record somewhat incomplete,
> since we were often clarifying things verbally and face-to-face, in
> addition to using the chat). See
>    https://gitter.im/racketon-web-devel-workshop/Lobby
> (Getting into the "room" may be a bit fussy; let me know if you need
> help.)
> I intend to polish the code and notes (that is, the package docs). If
> there's any topic that you're especially interested in, I'm happy to
> help; you're welcome to write to me privately, if you wish, with
> questions.

*Sage Gerard*

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