Sexpr comments are interesting because people want them to act mostly
like sexprs -- for indentation, and for structural editing/display
like paredit or rainbow-parens.

At most they should look like comments. Or not even that. As this
thread shows. :)

Another use case (that Mattias might not love) is somewhere for "usage
examples" to live during middle age.

- The usage examples are born when you casually type them into the REPL.

- They get copied to the file, so that, as you refine what they call,
they run to show the results you hopefully expect.

- Before graduation to some initial commit, people often sexpr-comment
them out. They can still be run via something like C-x C-e or C-M-x.

- Eventually, if the examples are good, ought they be moved to test,
srcdoc, and/or examples submodules?  Probably someday yes. But
retirement planning is hard work and people often postpone this. :)

TL;DR sexpr comments are sometimes used for things that TDD folks
might write up-front as formal tests.

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