Hi Cam,

On 10/10/2018 5:03 PM, Cam wrote:
I took a packet capture and the only interesting thing I was able to
find in it was a conversation like this:

> #s(dcgm 11 -1 -1 "")#s(dcgm 9 -1 (dynamic-place 
#"/home/cam/tmp/racket-distributed-places-test/my-worker.rkt" main) 1

> #s(dcgm 7 -1 -1 1)

... and that seems to be the end of the conversation.


If I'm reading this right, all it really tells us is that localmachine
asked remotemachine to create a new place, and then remotemachine wrote
back that it died(?).


Does any of this make sense to anyone else? The code in distributed.rkt
is a little above my level, though I suppose I'll find myself elbow-deep
in it pretty soon unless somebody else has a hot tip :).

It seems like the remote machine is failing to load the local file "/home/cam/tmp/racket-distributed-places-test/my-worker.rkt".  Is that file available?


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