Hi Jeyron,

here is a simple example which shows how the callback for the menu might 
open a new window (a dialog in this case).

#lang racket/gui

(define main-window (new frame% [label "Example"] [width 100] [height 100]))

(define menu-bar (new menu-bar% [parent main-window]))

;; Callback for the "Add" menu item.  receives the menu item and the event
;; that triggered the menu
(define (on-add-volunteer menu-item event)
  (define dialog (new dialog% [label "Add Dialog"] [parent main-window]))
  (define button (new button%
                      [label "Close"]
                      [parent dialog]
                      [callback (lambda (button event)
                                  (send dialog show #f))]))
  (send dialog show #t))

(define menu-volunteers
  (new menu%
       (label "&Volunteers")
       (parent menu-bar)))
(define menu-item-add
  (new menu-item%
       (label "&Add")
       (parent menu-volunteers)
       (callback on-add-volunteer)))

(send main-window show #t)

Best Regards,

On Friday, October 12, 2018 at 10:16:40 AM UTC+8, Jeyron A.C wrote:
> Ok I understand that part of wanting to close the windows. And the truth 
> is that I do not need to complicate myself so much.
> Even so I have another doubt, and it is like using the menu bar in a 
> simple and useful way.
> I have my code:
> (define menu-volunteers
> (new menu%
>      [label "& Volunteers"]
>      [parent menu-bar]))
> (define my_item_agregar_volun
>    (new menu-item%
>         [label "& Add"]
>         [parent menu-volunteers]
>         "Here goes the callback"
> ))
> Exactly where the callback goes, is where I have that big doubt. That has 
> to go in that section.
> The idea is to call a new window where you can add data, which are 
> necessary. 

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