Another random thought; has anyone thought of pushing this out to the student 
computer, by supplying students with a hopefully-opaque executable that runs 
the tests on a student program and then outputs a digitally signed test result?


> On Oct 23, 2018, at 21:50, Greg Hendershott <> wrote:
> Have you considered some sort of yield-management incentive, such as
> offering a higher grade to students who submit during less-busy
> periods? :P
> Although I don't know anything about the handin server, or very much
> about load-balancing, just riffing:
> A simple round-robin HTTP proxy probably won't maximize processor
> utilization. Maybe that doesn't matter. If it matters, I might start
> with a single HTTP server that puts jobs in a queue, and let dedicated
> racket-process-per-cpu processes pull them out one by one.
> I might try just using the filesystem for the queue. Something like:
> Handin jobs are saved to files under a "to-do" dir. Workers claim jobs
> by renaming a files into an "underway" dir, one"), and later clean
> delete that and plop a result file into a "done" dir. The HTTP server
> watches that, sends the response. (You could instead use a "real"
> database, or even a whole messaging system. But this might be one of
> those cases where the filesystem is the least-worst choice.)

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