Hello all,

I've made the first release of Goblins (v0.1), the lightweight actor
model I'm building for Racket which will be the foundation for my future
distributed virtual worlds work in Racket.  It is *not* production
ready, consider this a pre-alpha, but you can get it from Racket's
package repository, and read the docs here:


I think the docs give a pretty nice overview of what using Goblins
should "feel" like.

The long term goal of Goblins is to bring secure, distributed object
capability computation to Racket, inspired largely by the E programming
language (Goblins borrows many of its good ideas, including the promise
pipelining features).  It doesn't do distributed computation yet, but
I'm hoping to roll that out in the next couple of months.

Be aware that there are bugs.  In particular, I've hit some interesting
bugs involving delimited continuations:
(I think I may be poking at some interesting internals of Racket in the
ways I'm pushing delimited continuations to their limits... recently I
even managed to segfault the GC.  I'll follow up on that stuff on the
other thread I started recently shortly.)

Anyway, I think it's an exciting foundation.  I'd love to hear feedback.

 - Chris

If you are curious about what this long term plan about building secure
virtual worlds in Racket is, I wrote a blogpost named "Spritely: towards
secure social spaces as virtual worlds":

I have recently switched to working on this full time.  I don't have a
funding plan yet, but I am committed to make sure that the Spritely
project as a whole is a public good.  If you think this work is
exciting, consider supporting my work:

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