Two small comments in addition to what Matthew said...

'Paulo Matos' via Racket Users wrote on 10/30/18 11:32 AM:
$ base64 /dev/urandom | head -c 1000000 > foo3

Even though these are just test files, you might normally want to make them by instead `dd if=/dev/urandom` piped to `base64 -`, along with `dd` options like `ibs`, `obs`, and `count`.  That gets you exactly the size of Base64-encoded content you want, with well-formed Base64 encoding, without consuming unnecessary bytes from "/dev/urandom", and with possibly more efficient I/O blocking factors.

Also, in the exact illustrative example code you gave, I wonder whether you'd get better performance and simplicity by having `gunzip-through-ports` write direct to the "foo.txt" output-port, with no line-by-line processing, and whether you need the separate thread.  (Of course, your actual application code might need to do line-by-line processing, and/or have a separate thread, so I'm mainly mentioning this for the list, and for future copy&paste code reusers.)

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