George Neuner wrote on 10/30/18 12:07 PM:
I don't think you can do that - at least not without other software.  gzip/gunzip are meant to work only with a single file. gzip is a compression format, not an archive format - the compressed stream is assumed to contain a single object, it has no index or other metadata to handle multiple objects.  Typically you would tar the files and then zip the tar.

I don't know whether he wanted to be able to be able to separate the files later, nor whether the files could be separated by content.

BTW, if the files need to be separated later, and cannot be separated by content... Options include gzip with some minimal custom encoding (e.g., write a fixed number of bytes for file size, and then the file content, and repeat for each file), gzip over tar, the Zip format (as in PK Zip, which had the name "zip" before gzip did, IIRC), and a plethora of other file compression algorithms and archive formats.  Normally, people just use Zip format, or some compression over tar,[1], and but sometimes something custom is called for (including to avoid security problems from tar/zip complexity and implementation bugs).

[1] And normal users might not know that a number of file formats are actually in what could be ".zip" or ".tgz" format, despite having different filename extensions.

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