I'm afraid I don't have a suggestion, but a question.  The code you 
provided makes sense to me and duplicates something I'd like, but I'm 
unsure how to enable it in DrRacket. May I ask how you did so?  Thank you. 

On Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 6:11:12 PM UTC+10, Gregor Kopp wrote:
> Hi!
> I like DrRacket very much, because it's hassle-free.
> I like fast startup times, that's why I disabled all tools in the 
> preferences, because at the moment I don't use them.
> Further more, it's easier for me to map "Complete Word" to the tabulator 
> key. I do not use the emacs keybindings.
> I have in the preferences, tab "Editing", subtab "General Editing" "Enable 
> keybindings in menus...." checked. It's more convenient for me.
> For that purpose I did a custom keybinding which I successfully enabled in 
> DrRacket:
> #lang s-exp framework/keybinding-lang
> (keybinding "TAB" (λ (editor event) (send editor auto-complete)))
> (keybinding "c:l" (λ (editor event) (send editor insert "λ")))
> That all works very well, DrRacket starts very fast, and editing is also 
> fast enough. The λ is also very helpful for me because I don't have an 
> english keyboard.
> There is only one thing I would like to change:
> If I invoke the auto-complete method, the first time I'm using it it takes 
> some time (2-3 seconds maybe?) until the complete suggestions are 
> appearing. After the first time using it its fast enough.
> I think it's loading on demand.
> Finally my question: Is there any way to tell DrRacket to load that 
> required data on startup?
> I know, why bother about it, but 2 seconds are 2 seconds.
> Thank you for your suggestions.

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