For the handhelds, especially in this phase when everyone using it will be a developer... probably most of which devices will have at least 16GB of flash and 2GB of RAM... I think upstream's ~600MB installed default Racket contents (including DrRacket and manuals and everything) is a good match.  (Later, we might need a minimal runtime, such as to target lower-spec devices like smartwatches, or to deploy less-programmer-friendly apps, but that seems easy, if we get to that point.)

For people who are using Alpine right now, on non-handhelds, because they need penny-pinching like BusyBox... maybe they need even more minimal contents option than upstream Racket-Minimal.  I don't know that that's specific to Alpine (there's also OpenWrt, future containers of (ahem) Blue Tie Enterprise Linux, and others).  So maybe this can be solved in the same way for all of those, someday, working with upstream.  Until then, Racket-Minimal contents is a great start.

A volunteer who wants to join the Alpine Linux guild, learn their rituals and secret handshakes, and represent Racket well, would do a great service.

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote on 11/14/18 6:19 AM:
I recently experimented with Alpine packages for Racket 7.x, minimal and full, but ran out of steam when I realised I didn't know whether "minimal" and "full" even make sense in context. Is there a need for an "ultra minimal"?

Anyway, APKBUILD etc (partially cribbed from Jakub Jirutka's Racket 6.12 APKBUILD) available here:

There's also a couple of Dockerfiles for dockerized alpine-based Racket 7.

I haven't concentrated on the DrRacket/graphical portions at all.


On Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 3:30:27 AM UTC, Neil Van Dyke wrote:

    Alpine Linux is now popular for "cloud containers", and is also the
    basis for mainline Linux for smartphones and tablets.

    An official Alpine package with the latest DrRacket would be a big
    to help people start playing with DrRacket on some handhelds, without
    the agony of building it themselves on their handheld (or trying to
    cross-compile it on their own desktops).

    Once we have DrRacket packages, I'd like to have people use Racket to
    build out apps and user interface for these open source handhelds,
    eventually replacing most of the C and C++ code.

    So... Does anyone want to join Alpine package maintainer guild, to
    maintain Alpine package(s) for the latest Racket releases?

    For 6.12, the necessary patches are small, the same as for the
    stripped-down Racket-Minimal package (you don't need or want

    I've successfully built and run DrRacket on Alpine in the normal
    way on the devices, using only the above MUSL, LibreSSL, and Makefile
    bash-ism patches.  It was enough of a headache that people will need
    pre-compiled Alpine packages (they'll have enough headache getting a
    minimal Linux install on a handheld, at this early point).  I want to
    shift that compute to Alpine's presumably more powerful build
    and shift any remaining headache to a heroic Racketeer

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