I'm porting a Ruby application to Racket (will be deployed on Linux, but 
I'm developing on OSX). It uses the s3270 terminal emulator to access a 
mainframe. An example in Ruby is:

IO.popen('s3270 L:ssl3270.example.com:2023', 'r+') do |pipe|
  pipe.puts "ascii"
  puts (pipe.gets)
  puts (pipe.gets)

That issues the "ascii" command, and then reads & displays 2 lines of 
output. It seems that Racket's subprocess is a reasonable choice for this, 
so I tried the following:

(define-values (subp inp outp errp) 
  (subprocess #f #f #f "/usr/local/bin/s3270" "L:ssl3270.example.com:2023"))
(displayln "ascii" outp)
(displayln (read-line inp))
(displayln (read-line inp))

It seems to be connecting to the mainframe because I got a request from 
Little Snitch to allow the outbound connection. The s3270 emulator behaves 
similar to telnet, if I invoke the command in a shell, the program will 
start, then I'll enter ascii and it will display a screenful of lines. I 
must be misunderstanding subprocess or the associated IO functions. Any 


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