> 2. Just use the same namespace as eval-example.rkt 
I had tried this, but it evals not just the example language but 
Racket+example (i.e. Racket forms also eval, and the example language has 
to be compatible with Racket).

1. Keep the new namespace, but use namespace-attach-module to attach 
> runtime.rkt from eval-example.rkt to example-namespace before 
> (namespace-require example). 
That worked!  I'm now able to define a struct in my runtime library, and it 
ends up being the same struct type in both modules.  Thank you!

You've mentioned that you want to "define a custom language" and evaluate 
> it. But so far I don't see any sign that you're using Racket's dedicated 
> facilities for doing this (especially `#%module-begin` and `module`). If 
> this is a deliberate choice, carry on. If not, consider investigating them, 
> because they streamline the very chores you're finding painful.

Yes, I understand :-)

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