I'm just beginning to dig in to Racket macros, so forgive the newbie 
question :) Is it possible to create a macro that will result in multiple 
functions being defined?

I have a bunch of predicate functions, and I'm creating a parallel set of 
assert functions that look like the following:

(define (assert-at-home-page response)
  (assert-lines response at-home-page?))

(define (assert-at-signon-page response)
  (assert-lines response at-signon-page?))


It would be trivial to define a macro to create a single assert more nicely 
than the above, but it would be nice to be able to use something like:

(define-asserts at-home-page? at-inquiry-menu? at-signon-page? ... )

All of the macros I've experimented with thus far deal with a single form.


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