On Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 12:10:18 AM UTC+8, Neil Van Dyke wrote:
> What do people think about the following way of providing Scribble API 
> documentation from a module? 
Scribble can already be used to document Racket packages and the `scrdoc`
modules can be used by people who wish to put the documentation together in
the source code.  It is not clear from you email (1) what do you perceive as
problems with the existing system, (2) how your proposed solution will 
those problems.


> BTW, the context of this is query is that I'm refining some optional 
> "lightweight language" tweaks to a `#lang` that's mostly `racket/base`.  
> This would initially be focused on simplifying some good routine 
> practices for unit testing, documentation, and then `info` metadata.  

What is the problem the existing unit testing, documentation and `info`
metadata practices and why do they need simplifying?


> This would interoperate with all the other `#lang`s, but some people 
> will find it much more convenient than `#lang racket` when building 
> systems out of components made from the start to be reusable. 
What are the current inconveniences for reusing Racket components, by which
I assume you mean packages?  Or do you mean that the existing racket 
are not reusable?  And what does "from the start" even mean?
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