The example in the documentation for using #:result with for/fold, here: 
works in normal racket, but not typed racket.

I suppose that isn't really a bug, but something simply left out, and a 
user can simply implement the macro themselves?

Additionally, regarding occurrence typing:

This works:

> (for ([x (in-list '("123" "432" "234"))])
    (define num (string->number x))
    (unless num
      (error "Not a number"))
    (display (format "~s" (* num 2))))

But this doesn't typecheck:

> (for ([x (in-list '("123" "432" "234"))])
    (define num (string->number x))
    (unless num
      (error "Not a number"))
    (define double (* num 2))
    (display (format "~s" double)))
. Type Checker: type mismatch
  expected: Number
  given: (U Complex False) in: num

Am I missing something here?

I'm running the code in DrRacket, using v7.1.


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