Glad you're interested in checking out Video. If you need a thing
that's not yet in the standard library, please poke me and I'll put it
in. Its usually pretty easy to add something at this point, and I tend
to do it as people need it.  on the list you just sent, Video already
supports most of what you are looking for. I'll go down the quickly
state what forms I would use.
You can also find more about video at Based

> - Take an .mp4 video file and a .wav file, composite them into tracksp


> - Identify initial clap on both audio and video tracks, sync them together

Video currently can't automatically find the 'clap', but you can use
`playlist` to handle the syncing.

> - Delete sound from video track


> - Merge video and audio


> - Locate/delete inhale fuzz


> - Cut everything from beginning to 1s before the first spoken word


> - Locate and delete bad takes (a single clap sandwiched between "good
> to/from here" spikes (double click))

I'm not sure what you're asking for here. But probably `cut-producer`
and `playlist` can do it?

> - Grab first five seconds of audio and use it as a profile for noise
> reduction across the entire audio

Video currently offers highpass, lowpass, bandpass, compand, etc
filters, which seem to go a long way to automatically cleaning up
spoken word. It currently doesn't support taking a sample and doing
noise reduction based on that. I'd be happy to look into that if
needed. I presume you were thinking of using libsox for that?

> That would eliminate about 90% of the work and I could do the rest
> manually.

Again, feel free to poke me if you wished something worked
differently, or want a feature that is missing. I also regularly check
Video's issues on github at:

Good luck, and happy editing.


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