Hi Doug,

I suspect (in this case), I'd like to build on/leverage plot, because I'd
like things to place nice in DrRacket's REPL (for example), and be able to
play with the plot ecosystem. To save you any work, I'll circle around
later if future me thinks current me was wrong.

This is crossing with Alex's message; based on his message/example, I think
I've read down too far, and need to spend more time looking at the tools
provided. For example, I somehow missed that (x-axis ...) could have its
origin moved. Instead, I was down into the points, line, and other
renderers, and therefore trying to implement my own renderer... when, in
truth, it is likely that everything I need at the moment is exposed "in
userland," if you will.

Thank you both,

On Wed, Dec 5, 2018 at 6:45 PM Doug Williams <m.douglas.willi...@gmail.com>

> I have done many extensions to plots for a variety of reasons. Most of my
> extensions are a third option: Build on dc%. I typically make a new widget,
> say based on a horizontal or vertical panel with one or more embedded
> canvases. Then I use plot/dc to render directly on those canvases. I can
> easily aligned multiple plots, add additional elements outside the plots
> (in other embedded canvases), or overwrite the plot as I want. This works
> great for plots that are embedded in graphical programs - I do a lot of
> analysis work that way. I assume you could use plot/pict in a similar
> manner, but I never have.

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