Some people in their 60's do crossword puzzles to keep their mind sharp. I 
want to return to compiler hacking. I have experience with the ideas and 
code from many old compilers - MIT MacLisp and Rabbit (the grandfather of 
all Schemes), David Betz's Xscheme (shout out!), Texas Instruments Scheme. 
My 1980's home-brew byte-code compiler passed compliance tests and ran 
large existing Scheme programs. PLT Scheme existed but I never used it.

I want to run some of my old code and learn Racket at the same time. There 
will be problems: my declining technical chops, defmacro, and name 
collisions. I haven't programmed in many years. I haven't even written 
Hello World for Racket yet. I must be a fool.

Is it feasible to use Racket to create an environment for my old scheme 

What forums/mailing-lists should I join? Will Google Groups continue to 

I welcome any tips you might have.

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