I am pleased to announce that Xsmith version 1.0.0 is now available.  You can
find it in the Racket package catalog at:


Xsmith is a library for creating fuzz testers, also known as "fuzzers," for
programming language compilers and interpreters.  In other words, Xsmith is a
library for creating random program generators.

Xsmith implements a domain-specific language (DSL) for defining random program
generators.  The DSL is used to specify a programming language's grammar,
typing rules, and other information that guides generation choices.  Xsmith
also includes utilities for creating a command-line interface for generating a
single program or starting a web server that generates one program per request.

Xsmith is bundled with two example random program generators that were created
using the library: one for C and one for Scheme.

This is the first public release of Xsmith.  It is neither feature-complete nor
API-stable, but it should be usable by people other than the authors :-).  We
welcome feedback!

Please send bug reports and fixes to <xsmith-b...@flux.utah.edu>.

There is a mailing list, <xsmith-...@flux.utah.edu>, for discussing Xsmith.
Visit the list's management website to subscribe:

Happy fuzzing!


Eric Eide <ee...@cs.utah.edu>  .         University of Utah School of Computing
http://www.cs.utah.edu/~eeide/ . +1 (801) 585-5512 voice, +1 (801) 581-5843 FAX

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