Hi folks,


  I hope this is the right group for my questions. The Scribble users Google
group seems empty.

I am in the process of writing a commercial application's manual. This
particular app is in French and so should be the manuals.


1.      Am I allowed to use scribble/manual to write my manual? I love
Scribble the Racket docs style and wish I could use the same style;
2.      By default the scribble/manual style is localized for English:
@author prefixes with 'by' and appends 'and' between authors. The Author and
Author+Email functions are hardcoded this way. The 'author paragraph seems
to be writing the prefix 'by', but I couldn't find its definition, and
writing a new scheme file just to override the functions and paragraph defs
seems overkill. Can I localize this to my language?
3.      By default, scribble/manual displays the Racket version number on
top. Is there a way to prevent this, or use my own version number?


Thanks in advance,



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