Quick notes on both installing a new version, and then cleaning up the old one...


Assuming you're not just using a Debian package, and want a non-Debian-package install (such as for more rapidly picking up new Racket versions, having multiple versions installed at once)...

One way to build and install the latest Racket is with "https://www.neilvandyke.org/racket/install-racket-versioned.sh";, which will install to a directory like "/usr/local/racket-7.3/". Then you'll want to put "/usr/local/racket-7.3/" ahead of "/usr/local/" in your shell's executable search path (such as by editing your "~/.bashrc" file, if that's where that's set).

You don't have to use that script -- the main thing is that you self-contain a Racket install (or run-in-place source tree) in its own directory tree, somewhere.  Preferably name that directory tree descriptively, for what release version, build variant, or Git branch/changes, like "racket-7.3", "racket-git-master", "racket-branch-colon-keywords", etc.


"/usr/local" sounds like it wasn't from a Debian package.  Which still leaves a few possibilities for how it was unfortunately installed to "/usr/local".

I don't know offhand what uninstall was provided for 5.3.6 (though you could download a source tree, and see if they have an uninstall script or a `make uninstall` target).  Even if such a script/target exists, there's a small chance it might not work for how those files got into "/usr/local/".

If you have to *manually* clean up remnants of old Racket in "/usr/local/", IIRC, there's more than one possible directory tree layout it might be using, so it's harder to say exactly what filenames remove, but something like this...

1. Make a directory like "/usr/local/racket-deleted" into which you'll move the old files.

2. Look in your new 7.3 install tree for the kinds of file names you'll want to move from the old "bin" and "lib" into "racket-deleted", and move them.  Be conservative: if you're not sure whether a file is for Racket, leave it where it is, or you might break some other program, or even not be able to boot your computer and log in.

3. Then move files/directories from "include", "share", and "etc" (which might all just be subdirectories named "racket").

4. Optionally rename "racket-deleted" to be more descriptive, like "racket-5.3.6-deleted-manually-20190621".

5. "chmod 0 racket-deleted" or whatever you renamed it to.

6. Confirm that you can still reboot your computer and log in. Rebooting should also cause the 7.3 path you previously added to the shell executable search path environment variable to take effect everywhere, even for your login process and desktop processes, so those might work better.

Good luck.

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