Summer Racketfest 2019

  aka Racketfest: The ICFP Edition

I'm happy to announce that Racketfest, a new one-day
conference dedicated to Racket and its philosophy of
language-oriented programming, will be held again this
summer. It will be right before the big ICFP

  Saturday, August 17, 2019

  Skalitzerstrasse 85, Berlin, Germany

Keynote by Matthew Flatt: "Language-Oriented Programming the
Racket Way"


* Kris Micinski (Syracuse)

* Prabhakar Ragde (Waterloo)

* David Thrane Christiansen (Galois)

New in this edition of Racketfest will be Office Hours: in
parallel, each of the speakers will be available for the
audience members. It's a time to ask more detailed
questions, learn about a Racketeer's workflow, go behind the
scenes, find out what makes them ticket (Racket-wise), and
generally to ask: "How did you do that?" Everything you
wanted to ask but which doesn't fall under the usual scope
of talk Q&A (including but not limited to: "How did you get
Slideshow to do that?") Bring your laptop and get help,
information, and inspiration from top-notch Racket talent.

As with the first Racketfest, we'll also have an open mic: a
time for lightning talks (if you have something to show us)
or to sound off on an idea that you'd like to see developed
in Racket, or a problem you're facing.



      Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

     August 17, August 17, August 17,

 Berlin, Berlin, Berlin:

   Racketfest, Racketfest, Racketfest!

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