The discussion on Racket2 seems to have moved offlist to the RFC list on
github (; are there other

There is one question that I had back at the beginning of the process that
I didn't manage to get clarity on, which is the rationale behind the whole
thing.  I've gone back through some of the email discussion and gone
through all 4 pages of the issues lists and read everything that seemed
relevant.  The most apropos thing seems to be this: but it still doesn't
really speak to my question.

My current understanding is that the rationale for the Racket2 effort looks
something like this:

"We, the core developers, many (all?) of whom are also academics with a lot
of experience teaching Racket to new programmers, have noticed that
parentheses and prefix notation are a stumbling block for many students.
We would like to help the ideas of Racket spread into the larger
community.  Therefore, we want to produce Racket2, which will have all the
power of Racket but will get rid of parens and use infix notation, which
will be more familiar and intuitive to students.  We also see this as a
great time to improve existing elements of the language based on what we've
learned since they were added, and potentially add new features."

Is this in fact correct?  Is there more specific discussion of it somewhere
that I've missed?  I don't want to make people retread the issue if it's
already clearly laid out elsewhere.

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